Frequently Asked Questions

What's programming languages do you know?

Do you play video games?

Yes. I really do love video games. I prefer PC based gaming. I played consoles when I was younger, but this is the big leauges boys.

What games do you enjoy playing?

I am a huge fan of Battlefield 4, I play Battlefield the most of all games. I am a division 1 ranked stealth fighter pilot for the 7th Cavalry. Other than Battlefield I love survival based open world games. My current favorite is a new game called Miscreated.

Who do you play games with?

Mostly with people from my home town of Seattle. However I have been branching out to people here around Cedar City.

What are the requirments to join the club?

In order for a student to be eligible to join the club they must be on track in all classes, have few RFI incidents, good standing with other students, and have no ulterior motives as decided by the club president and founder.

How many students are there in the club?

Currently we can have a total of 10 students in the club at once. Due to the number of computers we have as well as a limited number of certified staff to moniter the club.

Who moniters and updates this website?

The president of the club David runs and updates this website.

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